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Funny article about Snes Classic vs Retro Pi


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Why Spend $80 on an SNES Classic When You Can Install Emulators on a Raspberry Pi and Never Shut the Fuck Up About It?




Jokes aside there is a lot of truth to it. That all said here is MY stance on it all, I AM somewhat of a tinkerer and would never by any of the Nes / Snes Classic mini's myself though that is partly because I have issue with Nintendo's practices meeting demand and fulfilling promises to customers but I DO get it ;) . Otherwise though, this is my 2 cents worth - 


You have a few specific types of people, the crazed Nintendo fanboy that would buy a potato as long as it had the "official" Nintendo branding, the collectors who also will buy simply because "NINTENDO" , the non- techy type, yes I know it is all very "easy" and I would do it myself but there are people who simply recall some fun and nostalgia and want to recapture that so they will buy for the look, branding, ease of use, just enough to satisfy the nostalgia and get that warm and fuzzy feeling. There are probably even those that will buy these and hack'em like they did the NES Classic (It wont be long the components are said to be practically identical   ) and add even more roms to it. Those of us, myself included may find it odd anyone would choose the official Nintendo option and realize the madness of Nintendo shortages and how much more we can get for our money going the Pi or other emulation route but it does not matter, it will sell and sell out and there will always be people to buy these things, pretty sure those of us that might use a Pi are the minority compared to the millions of kids, parents, grand parents etc, that will pick up the official Nintendo Classics, I never would and I may feel I "know better" but the fact is we are not the target audience and Nintendo knows it as well. What IS great though is we have these options and so each individual can choose whichever suites them best, there is no right or wrong here.  


:spot:  :beer:


Whichever route you go GAME ON and more power to you all! Is a great time to be a classic gaming fan!  B)

I am Rob aka MaximumRD aka OldSchoolRetroGamer and THIS is my world http://about.me/maximumrd

"For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday."

 - M. Bison

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