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Tile Smashers Available from Atarisales


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Tile Smashers is my latest Retro Video Game release for the Atari 8-bit computer. This is a combination of Breakout, Pinball, and even a little Pong thrown in there. Have to smash all the tiles on both the upper and lower sections to open up the top to get to the next level. 16 Different Tables, Power Ups, Obstacles, and fast action to challenge you.


Paddles are the default controller, but can be played with joystick, trackball, and 2600 driving controller.



Available on Cartridge from Video61 www.atarisales.com




I created this thread to answer any questions you may have for the game. The game runs on any Atari 8-bit computer, works with either the 400/800 OS to XL/XE. Does not use the RAM under OS or extended RAM. There is no known issues with other hardware modifications, however as usual modifying the Atari is always at the end users risk. 


I know there is demand for games to support different controllers, but since Tile Smashers is a paddle game, that is the recommended controller for this game. Joystick and other controllers can be chosen, but you need to be more careful following the ball. 



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