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Atari STe 4mb For Sale - Fully Restored


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$300 plus shipping from Portland, Oregon

TOS 2.06 and the Ym2149 are socketed.

NEW 3.25 Floppy.

The MOD in the pics speeds up HD transfer rates.

No mouse

Power Cable and Hercules Workshop A/V ( composite out ) cable included

All cleaned and ready to sexy up your Mancave!


STe Done 3.jpg

STe Done 2.jpg




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Cool find. I used to have an Atari 1040STE computer with 4 MB of RAM. I now have an Atari MegaSTE that I traded the 1040STE for. It needs a new hard drive, but that is it. It also needs a graphics card, but I do not know where to find a VME graphics card. I also want to get a CosmosEX floppy drive emulator for it as well. Lots of money for the upgrades, for sure. It is money I do not have yet. It can get expensive, for sure.

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