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  1. $300 plus shipping from Portland, Oregon TOS 2.06 and the Ym2149 are socketed. NEW 3.25 Floppy. The MOD in the pics speeds up HD transfer rates. No mouse Power Cable and Hercules Workshop A/V ( composite out ) cable included All cleaned and ready to sexy up your Mancave! Paul
  2. It looks way better than previous attempts at mini golf. Nice work..
  3. SOUND. Random Birds chirping, maybe some light music... SOUND.
  4. SIO to USB is clunky ~
  5. The fact that it scrolls is sweet, and I like the title screen. Arkanoid type power ups and downs would be nice..
  6. That 7800 programmer would be Bob Decrendeso on AA.
  7. I'm Back Dudes Ayyyy!

  8. Once in a while, something awesome Just appears on the scene. This game is one of those.
  9. Rebooteroids is good, but not $80 good.

  10. For the Sinistar release, I'm going to take sound speaker out of greeting cards and reprogram them with " beware, I live " and pug it in the game case so when you open it up...

  11. I asked him if he could change his " XEGS " section to " Atari 8 bit - XEGS ". He complied.
  12. 400 - With 48k ram card, it's great! Retro look and small footprint. Membrane Keyboard sucks, but we don't use it for typing, now do we? Has SIO port. NO monitor out port, RF unless modded. Easy repairs. 800 - It's a beast, but built very well and repairs are easy, but time consuming. Keyboard has a great feel. Has monitor out port, so use that to get a superior picture. Getting harder to find. 1200xl - Recessed cart port, no PBI port, SIO ( +5 volts can be restored to it by resistor removal, so so SIO to SD card reader can be used ) Monitor out ( video can be cleaned up by similar res
  13. Hey, that avatar that laddersandsnakes uses Is a poster that can be found in XE Dark Chambers, Maybe one other XE game has it too.
  14. I have also done 7800 composite, 400 48k, 800xl ultimate 1mb, 2600 composite, Vectrex re-cap, 800xl 256k, 1200xl video, XE keyboard mod...
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