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BREAKOUT studies

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Can you make it to the playable green treasure room ending scene on level 10?

Button control reversed; reserves finite LASERBEAMS that run out before the end of each level.


BREAKOUT studies 

A collection of seven BREAKOUT stories featuring an inspired new rendition, BREAKOUT 2002 with a 10 level quest and a harmonized sound that is different.


Breakdown of the studies

Five stories of the continued evolution of Atari Breakout design with examples of games and links to prototypes

Stories of old and emerging technologies for creating more dazling and colorful retro videogames!

Party Gameplay instructions for BREAKOUT 2002


Printing it out

To create a 4-page mini book, print the PDF on one piece of double sided paper and fold it in half.


Best play experience

Use either classic hardware or full screen settings if you are running an emulator and turn off phosphor/merge frames.


BREAKOUT discussion

 Hope everyone enjoys! Share your thoughts and ideas about BREAKOUT on this thread! :)


BREAKOUT 2002 Party Games Manual.pdf

Edited by Mr SQL
New ROM enhancements!

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