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My Arcade Space Invaders Micro Arcade Coming!

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Hey Atarians!

I know these things are usually met with a mixed bag of opinions (some love them, some hate 'em) and I can understand why because of them using NES ROMs.  But the more that came out it seems like the more improved they have become.  Here's one to seriously consider: Space Invaders!  Imagine everything you loved about the original arcade.  Now imagine shrinking it down to fit in the palm of your hands.  Visit the link below and you'll see what I'm talking about.

My Arcade Space Invaders News

This one is not using a Nintendo ROM like the previous models.  This is using the real arcade ROM.  Everything about this mini cab screams love for the arcade original right down to the layered backdrop.  It sounds like a dream come true for me.  This was announced way back on June 2019 and was said to be released later this year.  I wonder if this will be a limited edition run and if it will be a holiday release?  I guess we will all just have to wait and see.

Now if only they would remake the others like this.  As I mentioned in my previous blog post about these things My Arcade also announced an agreement between them and Konami to bring Contra to their line up of these Micro Arcades.  This one is to use arcade ROMs as well PLUS allow two to be connected together for some co-op play.  Nice.



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