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Eight Ball Deluxe

Atari Adventure Square

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Was gonna post this in NoSwear's fave pinball post but curious as to your thoughts on this one.


Eight Ball Deluxe


When I remembered the great many, long sessions of playing this one, I was thunderstruck at the sudden recall of all the fun I had (and maybe a little offput that it had slipped my mind).

So many terrific elements: beautiful playfield, good bumper action, very satisfying goal of clearing the targets as you would a pool table.


But the sound really stands out.

The voice calling your shots is an outstanding feature, as when you heat up the table, racking points like a pro, the consecutive shot calls are like a live attract mode, peaking interest in the game room as your peers focus on your flipper mojo in action.


And the sound effects are straight out of the Galaga/space arcade realm which, not only is so cool to hear, but melded nicely with surrounding cabinets working their own best at bringing players into the deepest recesses of space and imagination through pixel voyages.


This table found its way to several locations in my mid-sized town. Ended up playing it daily for quite a while, eating hot dogs, debating on taking in sun or heeding the call to "Rack 'em up!". Often kept a few quarters for some Joust action later on, but I always chalked up merrily for another round.


Found a video of this table in action:



I'm curious as to your impressions and experiences with this table.

Or at the very least, I'm happy to share the memories.


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