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Suit filed against Bandai by employee alleges racism, retaliation

Doctor Octagon

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This isn't surprising news. There's been a lot of talk coming out of Bandai for a while about racism and exclusion. If this is true this is very sad. Charlie Hall filed this story at Polygon:



More than a year ago Vietnamese-American businessman Tony Le was told that his position with California-based Bandai had been eliminated.


After being hired as a business analyst in June 2010, Le alleges a "pattern and practice of disparate treatment" against non-Japanese staff.


The suit goes on to list verbal abuse in Japanese, gestures and "obscene laughter" as well as a series of specific incidents that paint Bandai's corporate atmosphere as particularly hostile to Americans.


Bandai's former CEO, Matsui Masayaka, is alleged to have told Le, "All you Americans are so stupid and don't know how to run a business."


Le claims that Masayaka said he would dismiss all Americans in the company if he could, and that "Japan should have bombed Pearl Harbor again."




More here: http://www.polygon.com/2015/6/11/8765573/report-suit-filed-against-bandai-by-employee-alleges-racism

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