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  1. That was a really nice way to put things MaximumRD
  2. Dude! Is that really Weird Paul posting now?? :thumb: Weird Paul is the true lo-fi folk hero of the VHS generation but we didn't know about him till he went digital.
  3. How are you getting these? Is this available on their website?
  4. Obviously that means nill. It's a retail database thing.
  5. That looks like a cool game man! Thanks for sharing so much here
  6. That sounds cool. Can you post the file to download here? Maybe a screenshot?
  7. Odyssey 2 games ported to the 7800 in beautiful pixel-perfect perfection? That is so rad. It's nice to see the Odyssey 2 get a little love.
  8. The game looks awesome! @Bluegrass I think those logos are appearing because they're blocking hot linking of images.
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