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  1. Dude, this is gold. I love seeing stuff like this. Old adventures are everything.
  2. HEY ITS WEIRD PAUL!!! It's really awesome to have you here in this community Paul. You fit right in and I'm pretty sure most of us love your stuff Drop by more often!
  3. That was a really nice way to put things MaximumRD
  4. Dude! Is that really Weird Paul posting now?? :thumb: Weird Paul is the true lo-fi folk hero of the VHS generation but we didn't know about him till he went digital.
  5. I didn't know there was a website called yoyogames.com
  6. Yo-Yo

    Your first car

    I thought it would be cool if we could post photos and share stories of our first car My first car was AMC Eagle 4 x 4 station wagon. I think it was a 1986 model. AMC owned Jeep then and put a Jeep powertrain in an older AMC Sportabout wagon design. It had lots of power, room for all your gear, drove like a car and it could plow through mud and snow like a Jeep. My friends and I would take this on camping trips and tailgates and had lots of good times at a drive in movie theater that was still around back then. I can't find a picture of it right this sec but here's what it looked like in
  7. Those ideas sound just right Rick, good luck!
  8. My point is I don't think it needs to be watered down if it's done with skill. The 7800 could certainly handle it.
  9. I love Bubble Bobble. It's a true arcade classic in my book. I'm wondering if Bubble Bobble is possible on Atari. I think with good programming it's a great candidate for a 2600 translation and it would be perfect for the 7800. The Atari.io Build Team should consider this.
  10. How are you getting these? Is this available on their website?
  11. I like that in a vlogger. Weird Paul being himself is what makes his videos so enjoyable, just like yours maximumrd!
  12. Is anybody else watching Weird Paul on YouTube? I've been watching a ton of his videos lately and his new variety show. When I first saw his videos I was kinda confused.. but now I can't get enough of him! I hope you all will give him a chance too, his videos are a nostalgic trip!
  13. Oh I didnt think that you thought it was a bad game. It's a game on my list of favorite homebrews. I think it looks and sounds and plays fantastic. You had a good list.
  14. Nice video! Juno First would be on my list. It looks better on the 2600 than in the arcade.
  15. Obviously that means nill. It's a retail database thing.
  16. Yo-Yo

    Fast Food Memories

    I loved this! "Just keep driving" haha priceless. Thanks for sharing all the pictures and memories.
  17. I'm looking forward to watching all of these when I get home tonight. I've always enjoyed your videos Maximum RD!
  18. That looks like a cool game man! Thanks for sharing so much here
  19. That sounds cool. Can you post the file to download here? Maybe a screenshot?
  20. The team behind Retro VGS announced the first game this week. It's called "Adventures of the Tiny Knight" and sort of looks like a Looney Toons game with a cross between Tweety Bird and Marvin the Martian. The game looks kinda like Bonk's Adventure with improved graphics. Here is a screen shot: Retro gaming magazine has a full article on it here: http://retrogamingmagazine.com/2015/04/06/first-game-for-retro-video-game-system-announced-first-screenshot-here/
  21. I'd love to hear more Andy stories! Tell us more Greenween
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