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Laserball 2015 + upcoming Boxed Version for ATARI ST

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Hi to all ATARI ST Fans!

I am new to this forum, but not new to the ATARI ST. I have created and published the game Laserball 2014/2015 for the ST platform.

In case you never heard about it: It is a mind cracking puzzler and it had some great reviews (Atari Crypt: “One of my favourite games and also something that tests your intelligence in such a way that will push you to the very boundaries of your mind's logic-calculating ability!") You may read all about the game and download it for free on its homepage www.hd-videofilm.com/laserball

In addition I am preparing a real physical release. Including a shiny new box, a printed manual and an ATARI ST floppy disc.

I will have to have at least 25 Boxes being produced - as production of small amounts is relatively expensive the final price will be around 40 Euro + shipping. From now on I am taking pre-orders. If I get 15 or more pre-orders I will have the production started.


The pre-order does not include ANY payment or ANY obligation order the game. It is just a way to determine how many (if any) boxes I need to produce.






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Welcome to the forums Simon! We're glad you found us! We learned about Laserball through the SPACE Newsletter and played the version downloaded from your website, it's a fantastic game!


I would kindly ask that you review the House Rules for the forums posted here: http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/5-house-rules/   I must remind everybody that we unfortunately cannot allow presales in the forums  :(


From the House Rules:








Presales of products that do not yet exist are NOT ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES in the forums. DO NOT use the forums to directly solicit money for products that are not yet complete or projects that are still in development. Even with the best intentions, sincere promises of "ready to ship in six months" many times become tumultuous as months turn into years. Please wait until your product is ready to ship before soliciting sales in the Marketplace.






Since you're not soliciting money from forum members I'm leaving your post up and the thread open. Laserball is a great game. Having you here is a wonderful addition to the forums and we want to be welcoming and supportive of your efforts! However we have to follow our own rules for them to matter. We're excited for Laserball and want to be supportive in whatever way we can be. Please feel free to post as often as you'd like and keep us updated on your project! ^_^  :thumbsup:  


If you have any questions or if there are ways we can be helpful in supporting your project please PM me directly and we will do everything we can to get the word out about Laserball.



Kindest Regards,

- The Professor

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Hi! I am very sorry, I have missed that!

I will edit my main post to clarify that the pre-order does not involve any payment, nor does it involve any obligation to finally order the game. It is just to determine how many (if any) boxes I need/can to produce.


Here is a render of the final package design wrapped on a 3D Model!


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Stuff like Rule #7 are what make the forums what they are, gotta love it. It's the little things that are the big difference between here and everywhere else. Always keepin it classy and doing things right :thumb:


Welcome to the forums and best wishes with your game Simon

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