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Intellivision & Colecovision FLASHBACK UNBOXINGS !

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Turbo is one reason I want a real colecovision with steering wheel, but Jungle Hunt? Yeah that one is on FB and regardless of emulation, I really think the 5200/8-bit version is better graphically and in control. That won't be one I get with the real thing, I'll keep playing Atari's version. I actually think our fine vine-swinging friend in both versions looks weird. On CV he looks like big gangly jungle monkey, and on the Atari he's a bit stumpy looking, but other than that, I prefer Atari's graphics all around.


I actually would prefer if they had kept the REAL original game in all versions, Taito's JUNGLE KING, with the Tarzan dude wearing the leopard-skin toga, but, IIRC, there were some legal issues with bringing him to home consoles as well as the original name.


I remember ditching high-school to go to the local bowling alley, drink coffee and smoke cigarettes (and other plant life :Nolan_Bushnell: know what Im mean?) at the bowling alley cafe there with friends, then going and spending hours I should have been in class playing Jungle King, Rygar, Joust, Juno First, Xevious and many other arcade classics in the actual bowling alley... fond memories. But maybe I should be posting this stuff in the Retro Life area, it just came to mind here though.


Ahh, the good-old days when you could do all that and say hello to the cops drinking coffee and eating donuts in the same cafe, and have them say hello back and not even ask you why you were out of school, smoking, drinking coffee, hand in your pants tugging your groin and playing vids...try doing THAT these days! :electrocop:

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