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  1. I would probably agree with you if I had a toy store like that near me. Actually, by the time I was in junior high, the only "toys" (besides model rockets and RPG games Gamma world and D & D) I cared for were video games, and luckily (Dan Iacavelli can attest to this too) we had a fantastic small Atari dealer near us called Mars Merchandising. He had everything Atari from consoles to computers, and, IIRC, Commodore and others too, but the specialty was Atari. And they took trade-ins as well, so I could go there and trade in my old games and consoles (and computer books I hardly used) for t
  2. Thanks for the props, but I can't say it's a great catch, it looked pretty obvious to me, and I think even you would have realized it sooner or later.
  3. The loss of American malls as cultural epicenters has to be one of the great social tragedies of our day. And it makes no sense to me why so many have gone into ruin and become giant indoor ghost towns. So many of us still go to Walmarts and whatnot for holiday shopping, so why not the great malls of yesteryear? I would, if they were still around where I live. I hate online shopping. It's just no fun at all compared to malls and window-shopping. Digital pictures online and waiting for the UPS truck suck in comparison and it's no way for the young generations to experience the Christmas season!
  4. Yes, I really miss going to Kay-bee toys during the holidays or any other time searching for games on sale,etc. And Service Merchandise! God I miss that store, it was always a unique experience with so much different areas and stuff to look at, it's where I bought my first Atari computer, the 130XE. I remember the salesman trying to talk me into getting an 800XL since they were on sale for $50 less than the XE, but I just had to have 128K memory to match my friend with his Apple IIc! And Montgomery Ward, another missed store. A funny thing about MW though, I thought the company went comple
  5. If you are referring to 3DO Road Rash, then I believe the player bike stays in the same place on the screen when touching the road, and only goes up or down when jumping off a hill. The A.I. character bikes are scaled sprites as they pass the player character and drive off into the distance or vice versa. As to the "flying in air" thing i was referring too, yes, a ground shadow would help, but I think it's more that the roadway lanes are too small for the size of the bike, so it gives the illusion that the bike is off the ground and the lanes are smaller down below. I thought that just ch
  6. I remember seeing an INTV, either 2 or 3 back in the late 80's as a Toys-R-Us while picking up some 7800 games. I looked at it briefly (it had a white and red motif) and I saw a screen shot on the back of the box for Commando, and it looked pretty good, at least as good as the 7800 version I had then. But I was all Atari all the time back then, so I never did get one. Obviously it didn't last a long or wasn't even as "popular" as the 7800 :unsure: , like that's saying much. But I haven't seen one in years. I think it was a INTV 2, but I seem to recall hearing about a number 3 at some point too
  7. I would say input, curves and hills first, I think AI can wait further down the line after you get it to where you want it with just the one player character. the HUD I think, is also something that can wait. Camera shifting I think should come after the input, curves and hills. Also though, it looks to me like the perspective needs some tweeking, right now it looks like the bike is floating about 10-20 feet above the track. In the snap shots you put up, I thought I was seeing the bike in the air like it just went over a big hill, until I saw the video and noticed the bike was constantly "in t
  8. I totally understand the limited time-frame put into this, but honestly, it seems like you have done a ton in that time. You could have said it was just a few weeks worth of work and I still would be impressed. I did notice it's running slower in the above video, than in previous ones, but it's also super smooth, if slow, a lot smoother than 3DO RR, I think they did some frame skipping to increase the feeling of speed in that game. Of course this is extremely early and you said if you can get 8-10fps then the next step would be moving away from the 68000, but it's impressive that this is being
  9. Cool, so you aren't the only one doing the project, you have an artist. I only suggested myself as a future possibility if you needed help with art, but since you have some one, good show! I'll be happy continuing to just be an observer and maybe throw some ideas out there like before. I'm looking forward to the latest work, I know you talked about getting rid of the buildings dropping off the screen like in the previous video, looking forward to that.
  10. Welcome to Atari.io Chris! All I did was go to AA to invite you and VladR to this forum and I did a quick perusal of the RR thread, saw that it had just become yet another flaming, trolling mess by the jerks over there, watched the PoC video and left. I don't intend on going back to wade through that mess to see what VladR said, I'll let him clear things up here. But I say, never say never. If he's willing to go through the trouble of a PoC, maybe someday he will do more. I'd be willing to pitch in my artistic skill to such a project, if it did ever go further. I'd just need to know an
  11. There is a motorcycle racing game called Super Burnout, which is one of the Jag's best games, if you ever played Sega's Hang-on or Sazuka 8 hours (don't recall who did that one) think of those games on steroids, way too many steroids, and it blows away Road Rash (any version) in the frame-rate department (super-smooth 60fps!), but it's pure racing, no racing-combat like RR, so yeah, a RR type game is still needed on the Jag. Well, VladR is working on one, and already has a proof-of-concept video for it from the work he's done already. It's a cross between Genesis RR and 3DO RR, a
  12. he's working on a RR type game for the Jaguar! Gotta get your PoC vid linked here VladR! maybe scroll down in the forums to the Introduce yourself forums here, VladR, and tell about who you are and what you are working on? But first scroll down and read the forum rules, it's a whole different, and better place than AA!
  13. Hey VadR! glad you found Atari.io! i'm Bakerman here, no more Gunstar. But i am looking forward to discussion with you once again without AA trolls interrupting!
  14. I was working on some electrical issues a few weeks ago, and I had removed some breakers, 30 Amp and 20 Amp to replace, and initially installed them backwards (that is in each other's place, not literally backwards!), and stupid me, left a bunch of electronics plugged in while doing it. so, long story short, I burned out a bunch of power packs; My router's, my xbox 360's, my Jag and Jag CD and my Panasonic FZ-1. I replaced all power packs, some I had extras, luckily, like my 360 and Jaguar, but my 3DO has an internal transformer that blew. Luckily the 3DO has a fuse on the motherboard that sto
  15. Bakerman

    Your first car

    I don't have any original pictures of me and my first car any more, I don't think, but it was a 1976 Monte Carlo with a 400 big-block and Quadro-Jet 4-barrel carb. It was Canary yellow. Net picture below, just imagine that in yellow, and a guy with long, dirty blond hair and wearing a leather biker jacket with a Camel sticking out of his mouth and you have me. Of course I owned it in about '86. God, I loved that car and beat the living hell out of it street racing and doing dry pavement donuts and we (me and buddies) would hold the brakes and spin the tires on our cars to see who could do the
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