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  1. I would probably agree with you if I had a toy store like that near me. Actually, by the time I was in junior high, the only "toys" (besides model rockets and RPG games Gamma world and D & D) I cared for were video games, and luckily (Dan Iacavelli can attest to this too) we had a fantastic small Atari dealer near us called Mars Merchandising. He had everything Atari from consoles to computers, and, IIRC, Commodore and others too, but the specialty was Atari. And they took trade-ins as well, so I could go there and trade in my old games and consoles (and computer books I hardly used) for the newest ones. I was in heaven every time I wandered through that store! Atari from floor to ceiling and in just about every isle, not to mention the systems and computers hooked up so you could try before you buy, the latest games and systems. Sort of like that game store in the movie Cloak and Dagger, if anyone remembers that classic (the kid from E.T.).
  2. The loss of American malls as cultural epicenters has to be one of the great social tragedies of our day. And it makes no sense to me why so many have gone into ruin and become giant indoor ghost towns. So many of us still go to Walmarts and whatnot for holiday shopping, so why not the great malls of yesteryear? I would, if they were still around where I live. I hate online shopping. It's just no fun at all compared to malls and window-shopping. Digital pictures online and waiting for the UPS truck suck in comparison and it's no way for the young generations to experience the Christmas season! And the tragedy of political correctness has even gotten rid of the Main street decorations in most towns and cities. It seems lost forever, just like the rest of traditional America. So damned sad and disappointing! We arel left only with Supercenter Walmarts and cruddy strip malls. Why does today's generation prefer strip malls?!? Where's that time machine again? I remember my parents and grand parents always talking about how much better things were in their day, but I think we are the generation effected most by social change. We can tell our children how great America once was, and is no more, and it will be more true than any previous generations. Our parents and grand parents lived in simpler, friendlier, safer times, but we lived in a nation of greatness, if not so simple and safe, but now it seems all that is lost too.
  3. Yes, I really miss going to Kay-bee toys during the holidays or any other time searching for games on sale,etc. And Service Merchandise! God I miss that store, it was always a unique experience with so much different areas and stuff to look at, it's where I bought my first Atari computer, the 130XE. I remember the salesman trying to talk me into getting an 800XL since they were on sale for $50 less than the XE, but I just had to have 128K memory to match my friend with his Apple IIc! And Montgomery Ward, another missed store. A funny thing about MW though, I thought the company went completely out of business around the turn of the century and I hadn't seen any store in Wisconsin or Texas where I've lived for the last 15 years, but I moved to Oklahoma a few months ago, and to my extreme surprise, I recently got a Montgomery Wards catalog in the mail! Does anyone else still have Montgomery Wards near them? And Zayre! Holy cow! I'd completely forgotten about that store until I saw the picture above! Yeah, I need to get a time machine too! I had all those Star Wars play sets, as well and the Sand Crawler and Walker cardboard sets! Man, what memories! I had a childhood friend name John Guenther, and he had the Death Star play set and a couple X-wings and a Tie-fighter, and I would bring all my smaller play sets, like the Falcon, Star Destroyer, Hoth base and the others and my "battle damaged" X-wing and Darth Vader Tie-fighter and we would spend the weekend with all of them together set up in his basement and make our own epic Star Wars stories. he had an 8mm B/W camera and we did a bit of stop-motion movie making with the action figures and stuff too, like attaching X-wings and Tie-fighters to string runners and pushing them down the string while filming! We used those fire-cracker snaps and smoke bombs for battle action with the camera too! Such great memories. I sometimes wonder what ever became of John and those old 8mm movies we used to make.
  4. If I ever get an arcade machine, it definitely has to be one of the sit-down cockpit types, probably Star Wars Arcade, but I'm trying to remember what other Atari brand sit-down arcade machines there were? I know one of my all-time favorites, if not the favorite, is the Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator, but that is Sega. But, if I did get either a Star Wars or Star Trek sit-down machine, I would definitely have to retro-fit it for use with my consoles too (but keeping the original game intact too. I would probably have to trade out the old screen for a new flat screen, if it were possible, though I don't recall if the Star Wars and Star Trek games maybe had a special screen for those vector graphics? If so then I'd have to get two, one for the original vector screen and one retro-fitted with a new flat-screen for consoles. Maybe some day...there was a time, about 10-15 years ago when they could be had for cheap, used, like a few hundred dollars. But now they are all antiques and probably cost magnitudes more than when they were new! If I am going for the machine just for the "cockpit" I think it would have to be Atari's TX-1:
  5. Thanks for clearing that up, while i was researching I did find out that the INTV 3 was an unreleased system, but I posted pics of the INTV System 3 because I didn't know any better. Man Mattel liked to confuse people, didn't they? Sort of like Microsoft with the Xbox, then 360, then One! just imagine a couple generations from now, in about 30 years or so and how confused collectors will be with Xbox systems if they are just discovering them for the first time, or know little about them like myself and INTV systems!
  6. What has been said here that makes you want to ignore the thread or someone who has posted in it? Is it simply because the topic is about something Reboot has released?
  7. Sorry for all the posts before anyone even replied, but I just had to do some research into it all, I couldn't wait. Apparently the INTV II is just a redesigned INTV 1, but I do remember seeing Commando for the INTV 2, so then, is Commando a INTV 1 game?!? Never mind, I found images of Commando for Intellivision, and my memory must be bad, because it looks nothing like what I thought I remembered and it doesn't hold a candle to 7800/Atari 8-bit/NES commando games. It definitely looks like Commando on the same old INTV hardware, not that that is bad, I just was thinking a new INTV system had come out with graphics as good as the other post-1984 consoles.
  8. Yep, there was an INTV 3 as well, it looks more like the original. Anyone ever tried the 2 or 3? how good are the graphics/games? NES/Master System/7800 quality? better? O.K., I just found out the INTV 3 was never released, so that's that, but what about the INTV 2? Anyone ever own or play it?
  9. I think those above pics go with the INTV 2 or turn the INTV 1 into a two or something, not sure yet...will do more research.
  10. I remember seeing an INTV, either 2 or 3 back in the late 80's as a Toys-R-Us while picking up some 7800 games. I looked at it briefly (it had a white and red motif) and I saw a screen shot on the back of the box for Commando, and it looked pretty good, at least as good as the 7800 version I had then. But I was all Atari all the time back then, so I never did get one. Obviously it didn't last a long or wasn't even as "popular" as the 7800 :unsure: , like that's saying much. But I haven't seen one in years. I think it was a INTV 2, but I seem to recall hearing about a number 3 at some point too, does an INTV 3 exist? I at least know the 2 does, I saw it in person. But I never see anything about either on any forums that have INTV sub-forums...maybe I need to go to an INTV exclusive forum? Anyway, I'll do a search a post a pic of the one I saw at TRU at least.
  11. Not hard to find on ebay, but if you don't shop there, then yes. Plus, they are outrageously priced on ebay right now, so you are right anyway.
  12. I guess there aren't enough hardcore Jag fans here yet for a custom Jaguar thread...
  13. I don't have any original pictures of me and my first car any more, I don't think, but it was a 1976 Monte Carlo with a 400 big-block and Quadro-Jet 4-barrel carb. It was Canary yellow. Net picture below, just imagine that in yellow, and a guy with long, dirty blond hair and wearing a leather biker jacket with a Camel sticking out of his mouth and you have me. Of course I owned it in about '86. God, I loved that car and beat the living hell out of it street racing and doing dry pavement donuts and we (me and buddies) would hold the brakes and spin the tires on our cars to see who could do the biggest smoke show, in the high school parking lot of course, until the principal broke it up! I went through a LOT of used tires on that car, and surprisingly, never blew the motor or dropped the transmission! I did drive it through the woods once, just stoned and drunk, with a load of friends, and nearly wedged it between two trees! I made it through, but had big dents and scrapes down both sides of it after that! :unsure:
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