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  1. It's kinda become a soda review channel. lol... I need to make more gaming related content.
  2. I used to watch Automan and still remember his car and how it would take 90 degree turns at speed and throw the detective guy against the window. I kinda "made" the car in one of the Forza games...
  3. Here's the video I was thinking of... and this was January 2020, so before Covid...
  4. I've been seeing more and more about this recently, but it's been going on for a while. I remember getting just about everything for my first home built computer there around the year 2000. But I also remember seeing a video where a guy was going to see if he could buy everything he needed to build a computer there recently and he couldn't. It's like he had a choice of cases, but none of the motherboards they had in stock would fit or he could find a few pieces that would go together, but then couldn't find the right power supply. Pretty sad. There's one not too far from me, but I haven't been in over a decade probably.
  5. I just played Arcana for the SNES for the first time yesterday. Not sure how great it is just yet, but I played for around 30 min and really liked it. It's a first person dungeon crawler type game, like AD&D Eye of the Beholder but a little less complicated. But the real draw for me is that it has an automap feature for the dungeons! No graph paper needed!
  6. One good thing about streaming is, when I do something cool, I have a record. lol... Got a hole in one on Mean 18 for the 7800. (Think I called it "Mean Green" in the video... I was excited.) Also "Wooch" is another streamer who does a lot of golf streams.
  7. Not an "Until I Die" stream, but a timed run of Bonk's Adventure for the TurboGrafx-16.
  8. Forgotten Worlds was on the TurboDuo... could've ordered it from TurboZone Direct for $49.99 back in the day...
  9. My dad won a 2600 and several games as a grand opening door prize at a local grocery store. We already had a 2600, so he let us pick one game to keep from the stuff he won. I picked Yars Revenge. I mean, actually, back then I got all my games for free because my parents bought them, but this one always felt different because even my parents didn't have to pay for it.
  10. I like cilantro. It's great on tacos and nachos and similar foods. There's a lot of people who say it tastes like soap. I think it's a genetic thing? Can't remember for sure, but I think I saw something like that.
  11. I like plain bagels toasted with butter. But I never put cream cheese or anything on them. I also like the asiago bagels. But again, with nothing on them. Don't even toast them. Never been that big on the other ones. I actually applied for a job at a bagel place out of high school. Didn't get the job, though.
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