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  1. Before this, 3 was the only one I had beaten. It's the only one I have the Genesis cart for. I've only been through it once, but may do it next on Twitch. Real Life needs to settle down some more so I can get back to streaming regularly, though.
  2. Made it past the first boss... and died soon after. lol 12400 so far...
  3. Nice! I've got a front loader NES with similar interference patterns... one day I'll do something with it. Until then, I'm okay with the top loader with jailbars. lol...
  4. Happened to me on one of my runs, lol... it feels good to just barely make it like that. I do it a lot on Sega Rally on the Dreamcast. 😃
  5. Speaking of livestreams... I do a "Thurbo Thursday" on Twitch every Thursday. Maybe I'll play this one tonight. I usually play three games for about an hour a piece. =)
  6. Also, looks like seven more games were added... haven't looked that closely at it yet, but the "big" news is that Splatterhouse is one of the additions. I never personally liked Splatterhouse... didn't like the controls, the jumping seemed sluggish, and level design seemed boring to me. Would have much rather had Legendary Axe...
  7. When it's one of those quick ones, I just keep the phone on camera mode and as soon as I die I grab it and hope the shot comes out okay. lol Anyway, gave it another try and got past the third boss... but then died soonish on the next level... 156700 now...
  8. 15400 Real hardware and game. Got to third boss.
  9. Man... another one you gotta be fast to get a pic of...
  10. This is pretty much exactly what I'm trying to do. It's a bit late at this point, but could help when I try to play it in the future. What emulator are you using?
  11. Trying to find a way to play this the "right" way on an emulator... As you all know, in the arcade, this is a twin stick... left stick controls movement, right controls firing. It can be set up on the 7800 by having two joysticks, one in the player one port and one in the player two port, then using them just like the arcade (I'm guessing it works like in the arcade at least, haven't actually tried it on real hardware). And of course there's the awesome custom controllers that combine the controls into one easy to handle controller with two d-pads. I've been using a Playstation 2 controller, with a PS1/PS2 to USB adapter to play emulated games on my laptop. In MAME, I can configure the arcade Robotron to use the two thumbsticks on the controller as the two joysticks and it works decently. I'm still not that good at the game, but it feels pretty "right." The emulator I'm using to play 7800 games is RetroArch, though, and there doesn't seem to be a way to configure it to have controls for both player 1 and 2 go to the same controller. I've reached out on a discord channel that has helped out on RetroArch problems before, but the only response I've gotten is that they either don't know or don't think you can. One suggestion was to set both players as going to keys on the keyboard, then using that, but I think that would be less satisfactory than the method I'm having to use. Any thoughts? Anyone here good with RetroArch that might know a work around?
  12. Yeah... those brain guys... how do you get away from the homing missile things? Or can you? Do you just have to shoot them before the fire?
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