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Does anyone know what type of copies these games are brand is called scala


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Found a stack of games in boxes with a shark on the front of the cartridge. They look like copies any idea? Brand is Scala.


Chopper gunner / Atlantis

Sky driver

mega mania


night driver

jungle hunt


Edit: found this! Only night driver is on this list and it's 10 in rarity?😳 What are the other ones lvl 11 😂


Anyone have a clue on there worth? 

Edit: Put 2 for sale bidding 99c




I also found a atari compatible cartridge that has boxing on it 




16883747687482589232946791467226.jpgspan widget

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2 minutes ago, RickR said:

Probably.  They are rare here.  Those are a neat find for sure. 

I've seen similar variations for the Zeller's games from Canada. 


This is what a lvl 10 is 

You will almost never find these games. Even die-hard collectors usually wait in vain for a chance. Happy is the one who has one. It thus crowns the owner's collection. Everyone envies him for this mostly unique and beautiful piece in the collection. 

I haven't seen zella before but thanks it gives me something to research. 

I guess it's worth as much as someone is willing to pay! I'm not an Atari collector so parting with these after sitting in my garage for 20 years won't bother me. 

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