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Tilting Tiles


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Release Date: August 25, 2023

Retail: TBD

Developer: Tree Fall Games

Publisher: Tree Fall Games

Official Site


Tilting Tiles is a unique movement based puzzle game. Guide the tile through each level’s environment while collecting every item within the move limit. Your goal is to find the most efficient route possible. Examine each level carefully to solve your way across the terrain using special moves and the environment to your advantage to stay within the move limit.

Tilting Tiles is a minimalist puzzle experience built upon a simple premise that contains puzzles that provoke deep thinking.

Each time you move, you add to your move count. In the bottom right corner of the game screen there is a counter alerting you to the amount of moves you are allowed to use per level. To clear a level, you must collect every item on the stage. Between the item placement and the move limit, a unique puzzle is formed. Each level is a new layout of routing challenges. You must analyze the level and determine what route to take. As you progress you may discover that you did not calculate your moves correctly or that you misunderstood what would happen down a certain path. This is part of the learning process and you can instantly restart a level anytime you get stuck or use too many moves. Once you use up all your moves you can no longer move the player. The level does not immediately restart however, so you have time to study your mistake before you re-attempt the level.

Can you guide the lost tile to victory?


Grid Based Movement

50+ Levels

Special Movement Options


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