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Qomp 2


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Release Date: February 20, 2024

Retail: $19.99

Developer(s): Graphite Lab

Publisher: Atari

Official Site

Synopsis :

An artful reimagining of Pong, qomp2 picks up the story where the delightful indie platform-puzzler qomp left off in 2021.  

Control a Pong ball aching to break free of its life stuck between two paddles.

Explore a dangerous, minimalist world, armed with simple two button controls: tap a button to change direction by 90 degrees, and hold down a button to unleash a cathartic dash forward. That’s all you need to solve environmental puzzles and labyrinthine levels.

Around each corner is a new challenge that will test your two-button and problem-solving skills. A variety of difficult enemies and bosses help you mark your time as you navigate through 30 levels spread across four worlds. 

A cerebral puzzler lies within the heart of this indie twist on Pong.

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