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FA: REVECTOR 2004 by Craig Aker CIB 2005 Prod. Mark Shaker - For VECTREX Kousokusen 光速船


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REVECTOR 2004 by Craig Aker CIB 2005 Prod. Mark Shaker - For VECTREX Kousokusen 光速船 

Author Craig Aker 
Game Creation: Year 2004 
Game Publisher: Mark's Vectrex Carts, Mark Shaker 
Production release year: 2005 
Platform: Vectrex / Kousokusen / 光速船 

A battle game. similar in feel to other tank battle games,. 

Mission Goal:
Your goal is to out score your opponent in a 7 minute timed match. You can score points by shooting your opponent or by picking up power-up items. Revector can be operated player 1 vs. the Vectrex, or player 1 vs. player 2 simultaneous if you have 2 Vectrex gaming controllers. Revector features a rather unique vehicle control system with the joystick controlling both rotation and thrust. Power-up's include points, health, energy, weapons, invisibility and more ... 

Comes with 
 • REVECTOR Game Cartridge. 
 • Game Instructions. 
 • Clamshell Game Box. 
 • Clamshell game box includes Cover Art insert. 
 • Board housed in Reproduction Vectrex Cartridge shell by Sean Kelly.
 • Cartridge shell comes with REVECTOR cartridge label.
 • Complete in box. 
 • Like New In Box. 
 • Tested. 
 • Working. 

Included in this listing as shown in pictures:
 • REVECTOR 2004 by Craig Aker,  Published 2005 by Mark Shaker. Like New, Complete In Box (CIB). 

BIN Price: $180.00 Or Best Offer
BIN price is available up to 13 hours before the end of the auction listing. Send me a message if you want o buy at this price.

This Vectrex item is compatible with, and for play in, all regions of the Vectrex video game system by Milton Bradley (MB), General Consumer Electronics (GCE), and Bandai バンダイ (光速船 / Kousokusen). Vectrex games, Controllers, 3D Imagers, and other accessories are not region specific to a particular Vectrex console. The manual language printing (Canada dual / Europe multi / Japan), box printing (Canada dual / Europe multi / Japan), and overlay printing (Japan) are the only differences. 

The Vectrex is a classic 1982 vector graphics based video game system created by Smith Engineering and General Consumer Electronics (GCE). Later purchased and marketed by Milton Bradley (MB) as well as licensed for distribution and sale in Japan by Bandai. Made in 1982, 1983, and 1984.  


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REVECTOR 2005_H_H.png


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