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Snake Core


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Release Date: March 1, 2024

Retail: $8.99

Developer(s): Orange Pixel

Publisher: Orange Pixel

Official Site

Synopsis :

Command a range of different units as they battle aliens in a mission-based arcade game - Select your path to victory!

Snake Core is an Arcade game with simple and familiar gameplay but twisting and turning the setting and variation into an inter-galactic war against an alien threat with a variation of mission types and army units.

Command your army of different soldier units as they attack aliens, take out bombs, retrieve soldiers, defend key locations, and hunt down big Snake like creatures. The game plays in different game-modes, with a multi-route map that allows the player to decide the best route to the Alien Overlord.

Grab power-ups to improve your soldiers skills, wipe out aliens, and increase your score with combo's and tactics!

- Simple to understand game-loop – The game is easy to understand, and it allows everyone to enjoy the commanding of an off-world army with different units and strengths.

- Node based mission map – A randomized mission screen, allows you to choose which path you take to reach the end boss.

- Upgrades – Recruit new units, and upgrade your units for a stronger army.

- Short game sessions – Snake Core is designed for short gaming sessions, a great game to pick up at any time for a quick go!


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