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The Many Faces of....Pac Man

Posted by RickR , 18 September 2016 · 577 views

I'm stealing the bit from Retrogaming Times. "The Many Faces of" was one of my favorite articles. Comparisons of the same game for various systems. Ordered from worst to first. Here are the various versions of Pac Man for classic systems. No homebrews or hacks allowed. These are the versions I've played...please let me know if I missed any. Last Plac...


Behold -- The power of the "Scraptop"

Posted by RickR , 27 March 2016 · 338 views

A blog post for the cheap retro-gamer who likes to tinker.... 
I'd like to introduce the concept of the "Scraptop". It is essentially, a really old laptop, bought for a low price...souped up, and loaded with retro games (emulators) and tools. 
Why? What's the point? Well, it all started with an Atari SIO2PC cable, which is a piece of hardware th...


Multi-cart Reviews - Commodore 64

Posted by RickR , 29 July 2015 · 1,296 views

It's been a while, but it's time yet again for a multi-cart review. This time, I'm reviewing the Retro-Link Multicart 64 for the Commodore 64.

Menu driven - easy to use
Instant load - no disk drive waiting
Socketed - theoretically possible to change the EEPROM for a different set of games.

None. I love this thing.

As you ca...


Multi-cart Reviews - Atari 5200 (128 in 1)

Posted by RickR , 17 May 2015 · 2,578 views

Ah, the Atari 5200. It's basically the same hardware as the Atari 8-bit computers, repackaged as a gigantic, over-the-top, "Big is Better" gaming system. Consider it an Atari 400 with no keyboard, but with some very "interesting" controllers.

Love it or hate it, it's the perfect system to buy a multi-cart for. The original library is reasonably small --...


Multi-cart reviews - TI 99/4A

Posted by RickR , 27 April 2015 · 2,164 views

Hi everyone. How do you all feel about multi-carts?

My thoughts are that they are a really convenient way to enjoy your classic gaming consoles, and experience the games the best way -- on REAL hardware.

These things come in a variety of formats. The very best have an SD card slot that allow you to place the entire library of games on a single memory ca...

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