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Storm's Homes - Article 0



In my first blog post here, I talked about how I wanted to use this blog to document so many of the wonderful memories I have of growing up.

In thinking about that, I've often wondered the best way to do that. By year? By topic? Some other way? I don't think there's a right or wrong way, but I think I've come up with an interesting way.

I'm going to sort them by the homes I've lived in & others that are special to me.

I'll be starting with my first home and end with my current. Along the way, there are a lot of others.

You'll probably learn a little more about me than you'd care to but hopefully you'll be entertained as well.

(Not my bedroom above. 😀)


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5 minutes ago, BlackCatz40 said:

It looks like a bedroom from "The Brady Bunch." It looks like the Brady boys' room.

It is the boys' room from the show. I remember it from that. :)

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