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One man's journey with the TI-99/4A Home Computer (Part 1)

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What drives a guy to use a computer that is 40 years old?  Nostalgia & fun are two reasons.

Back in 1981 or 1982 I got myself a TI-99/4A console, later Extended BASIC a "Program Recorder" (Cassette player) and then built it up little by little.  This was what my system looked like in 1985...



The peripheral expansion box (as shown above) only had a 90K disk drive, 32K and RS-232 card.  By today's standards that's laughable!

By 1987, I had to "downsize" due to my firstborn taking over my den space.  So I built a hutch, popped the 19" monitor inside, added a lighted printer bay and was happy for a while as seen below.



By 1990 I had downsized again due to my second born taking over more space in the bigger place.  In the photo below I was stuck in the corner of the master bedroom as seen in the photo below.




This photo was the last photo of my TI system before I got out of the TI and moved on to the "PC".

Years went by, computers came and went in my life, and then I found and played with Classic 99 the best PC based TI-99/4A emulator (IMHO)... and then it happened, I got bit by the TI bug... a second time.


In 2013 I got a TI, speech synthesizer, Nano-PEB and a Supercart and thought I'd be happy... it didn't quite work out like that.


By 2014 I was on my third Nano-PEB and came to the conclusion they were low priced junk, but I'm thankful, it forced me into getting a P-Box.


By the end of 2014 I had a P-Box and a spare and then I started "going to town"..



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