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You see, something is going to happen. Something wonderful...

Clint Thompson


As I expand my knowledge and experience in different manufacturing/post application processes, there's always a constant light blinking away in the far distance, almost humming as a reminder. The things I see that are now possible today that wasn't possible 20 or 30 years ago is truly impressive and opens up far more opportunities and options for modifications and customized hardware that just wasn't possible back then.


The bad news is, Atari is dead as a doornail when it comes to releasing new hardware.
The good news is, Atari is dead as a doornail when it comes to releasing new hardware.


My point is, it forces users to make the best and most out of what was given to use as a system. In this particular instance, I'm referring to the Atari 8bit line. If you want to be really specific, the XE line even. My angle is: If Atari could make an Atari XE today, how would they do it? Maybe not so much even how they would do it but what would I, as a user and gamer, want from such a modernized retro gaming computer system. That thought doesn't hurt the brain even a little, does it? ;-)


So, how exactly does one modernize, in the sense of current day releasing of said hardware, an Atari 8bit computer? Where do you start and what is the final, end product? The Atari 8bits are (probably not so arguably because I'm biased ;-) ) the best 80's 8-bit computer of all time. Off the top with what's available: Stereo pokey, 1MB of RAM, mechanical keyboard switches for that proper tactile feedback! what else is there? Internal SIO2SD for storage so you never have to have an external accessory to load the entire library of Atari 800 games? I know what I want to give it that special look and feel in the end but what about you?


What would you want?


Anyways, Atari is and forever will be just a hobby and I doubt this project will ever turn into something that makes much money, if only to cover the costs for making what I want for myself a reality. In the end, maybe a few people will end up with some truly astonishing and cherished Atari 8bits in their hands to have fun with...


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I'd go for a super small size...maybe with an LCD screen built in to make it portable. 


And I agree the Atari 8-bits were the very best design of the 8-bit computer era. 

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I wouldn't want so much for a more modern 8-bit computer.  I have an XL and I still say it does better than most modern computers, tablets, and smartphones.  I don't have an OS constantly looking over my shoulder and saying what I can and can't do.  


If I was to want something it would be a way to connect that XL to a modern online connection.  I don't necessarily want Google, Facebook, Twitter, or such online places but maybe a modern internet connection where I can visit, or go so far as to create, a bulletin board and chat with other Atari owners.  At least this way I wouldn't have to worry about malware and viruses.  So...for me I would want, as an accessory, an 10/100 NIC/Ethernet communications device for my Atari XL.  That would be the only thing I could think of.  Well...that and a CD-ROM.

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