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Llamasoft on Tour

Clint Thompson


Maybe next year for Midwest Gaming Classic...


As it stands, I'll have:


Tempest 2000 for DOS (PC)
Tempest 2000 for Jaguar
Tempest 3000 for Nuon
Space Giraffe for 360/PC
TxK for PSTV
TxK VR for Oculus DK2


Maybe I can have a table setup dedicated soley to Virtual Light Machine goodness (VLM1, VLM2, Neon) and all the different iterations of Tempest Jeff ever made for the multiple consoles and PCs setup. Too much Tempest? Hopefully not =D


I suppose I could also throw in there a few clones like Typhoon 2001, Tsunami 2010, and maybe Cyclone 2000?


I'll have to have dedicated sound/headphones for each one so people can truly enjoy the music/soundtrack.


Llamasoft on Tour? ;-)


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