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    Everything I got from fellow Atari fans from the internet! See "About Me" section for a full list.
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  1. I am having a terrible Atari Day, and not just because I don't have my systems. All day, my mom has been screaming at me for various things. She says I have no friends, she says I won't be successful in life, she says I'm a weirdo loser, she says I'm a lazy person with no goals or dreams in life, and various other hurtful things. She's been screaming at me almost non-stop for 5 hours. I have a splitting headache. Today's Saturday which means my dad isn't home for most of the day as he has to go work at the farmers' market. So I'm stuck with her. What's worse is that she's taking off on Monday.
    I just wish there was some way out. I hate having to be around her.

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    2. HDN


      @Atari 5200 Guy I won't. I'm trying to just get through the night. Tomorrow hopefully it will be a bit better.

    3. HDN


      I'm starting to think that my mom is going to take my stuff indefinitely. She is threatening that if she ever moves out she will take all of the games with her and throw them out. I hope she doesn't follow through with it if my parents get a divorce. However I did make a list of priorities: Tunnel Runner, Super Metroid, Conker's BFD, etc. I can hide those someplace if it gets bad enough and she decides to get rid of our entire collection.

      I think my parents are going to get divorced someday and I am okay with that. Though I don't think it will be for a couple months and I hope she changes her mind about those games and other various things she wants. I hope we can improve our relationship and start getting along better.

    4. socrates63


      Sorry to hear of your home life trouble, Harry. Being a teen is already tough enough.

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