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  1. Making a new song, it's not finished yet. (using some soft synths and FL Studio) http://picosong.com/bwLu
  2. A combination between a platform game and a shoot'em up. Seems to works pretty well and makes the game quite unique. Jump and shoot. Another unique game is this one for Atari 8bit. A combination between a puzzle game and a platformer.
  3. Watch this JumpCollision for ZX Spectrum Funny that no one ever thought of to make a shooter like this. A bit of Galaxian, a bit of Millipede, a bit of platform in one and the same game. And it looks to be real fun to play too. Made 2015.
  4. RetroX

    Robotron 64

    The N64 controller was perfect for playing Robotron. Use the analog stick or the digital cross to move and the yellow buttons to aim your fire. It was a smooth way to play Robotron on N64. If you manage to get hold of this game you will have plenty of fun for a long time. There was a version of Robotron released for Playstation too. But Robotron X wasn't unfortanly even close to the excellence of the N64 version and contained several problems, bad camera angles etc. Another real good clone of Robotron was Jeff Minters Llamatron on Atari ST and Amiga, released as shareware.
  5. RetroX

    Robotron 64

    I had many awesome games for my N64. One of them was Robotron 64, so good that i could play it every day for weeks. Old classics isn't always that good when trying to transfer them into polygons, Robotron 64 is an exception...
  6. AWESOME Galaxian Expanded gfx hack is THE Galaxian for Atari 2600 me think. Even the attract mode was right on. Saying that as a huge Galaxian fan.
  7. It's huge difference between Vic 20 and C64. These computers don't even share the same 16 colour palette. Vic 20 was a very limited computer for it's time while C64 was the opposite when released 2 years later. The VIC chip (video interface chip) was supposed to be used in arcade machines, when no one was interested to buy Commodores chip they built a computer using the VIC chip. C64 contains the VIC II chip. Vic 20 just had 3583 bytes of free memory (of 5 KB) when booted up. No hardware sprites of scrolling. It was even hard to make bitmapped games using that small amount of memory and char
  8. SNK's NEO GEO console was a slick good looking piece of hardware for it's time. Even the controllers was very well designed.
  9. This one is a classic. The highlight of the whole clip is when Link meeting Ganon last in the video.
  10. Some Swedish music? This clip has ben watched 36.509.603 times so far.
  11. Good videos Rowsdower70 This is one of my favourites, perhaps the best music video ever made.
  12. That's great. Even Vic 20 got a version of Boulder Dash.
  13. This one was real good too. Robocop vs Terminator
  14. Well, how about Mythbusters vs Ghostbusters?
  15. It think it's the same thing as with movies, music or books. Some people can't handle fictional violence. Then they trying to imitate things they watched on the screen in real life. Some people can't even handle to walk the street without getting stupid ideas that could end up i mass murderer. Then there's people who can handle fictional violence, they unload every bit of anger inside when they play something violent, listen to death metal or similar. It works like... You're frustrated because of your idiotic landlord or problems in the relationship. Put on real aggressive death metal or pl
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