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  1. I do think this was a good idea. It's just the way that Chuck E. Cheese's corporate responded.. In their headquarters, they have some of the robots in use for programming songs. They posted a video (https://www.instagram.com/p/BOBQNjUAmyD/) of Chuck and friends doing the challenge, but they are the walk-around versions of the characters(which greet and high-five kids in the stores). They aren't even imitating themselves accurately..ha. The original people also went to a CEC location to 'make it authentic', but the store they visited had a single-robot stage show version(with a different
  2. @Arenafoot: Thanks for sharing. Nice to know somebody worked there but did one of their lesser-known/short-lived operations. Also, thanks for sending over that link.
  3. The company did "No Late Fees!" a while back, but I don't know if this specific franchise does that.
  4. "Blockbuster Video Isn't Dead".. Yes, They are still open--some independent franchisees have been continuing business even after the 2013 close-out(s). At the time of posting, there is only 13 stores left. I made a site tracking them with a map. Enjoy! http://cybernight.elementfx.com/buster.html I figured this would be the perfect place to link it. Share all your nostalgia posts (and plans to road-trip, lol) here!! Spread The Word!
  5. Hello! I'm here to post about a potential game idea. A port of the classic "Adventure" game from Atari 2600. Called "Adventure Portable". I noticed there was no ports of this game for GBA, so this is why I post the idea. A MOCKUP potential Title Screen and Skill Select Screen I made: Using the font style of the Sears Tele-Games label version. "Start Game" would bring you to a menu-type skill select screen (mockup seen above). "Read Manual" would bring you to a text-only version of how to play the game. "Credits" would bring you to the Copyright stuff. I don't know anything about progr
  6. It's May 17th..39 Years exactly from 1977 You know what That means! It's Chuck E. Cheese's Birthday!!! ???????????? Enjoy this opening ad from the first store! http://showbizpizza.com/info/promo/ptt/ptt_ad_1977winchester.pdf (Courtesy of my good friends at ShowbizPizza.com) (CECE Corp. Offices observe it on May 22nd, the GRAND opening of the first store as opposed to the 17th the actual opening..)
  7. *reads title* Don't show me pictures of my Grandparents' house..Got it?
  8. I Now need this. Now what game would I Sacrifice *searches thru*
  9. Preferably under $500, I Know some of these robots can get so tattered. I remember someone tried selling another version of another character on eBay a while ago for $700.
  10. As some of you may know I'm a slight fan of Chuck E Cheese.. I'm here posting about something some of you might be able to help with. I'm looking for a Chuck E Cheese robot that is in this style: I'm looking specifically for Chuck or any of his female guests, as they share the same inner workings. I'm just looking for the robotics and not the outer coverings but if it has it that'd be nice. I'm developing a computer program that runs a compatible system that the Chuck robots run on. If any of you reading have info or tips be sure to contact me in the PM.
  11. That's pretty cool! I think some CEC Cast Members I know found an old plylon for their Showbiz sign in the back..
  12. I have mine. Travis (webmaster) is really into Garbage Pail Kids so these are no surprise to the fans, lol.
  13. I only have a Showbiz Mug, that mind you, has a matching CEC variant which I also own. That's cool.
  14. Cool Tickets! I've only ever seen the Skeeball type ones in person at a CEC fan convention..Cool!
  15. ^ Pretty Much. I hate how no news people ever show the good side of CEC or its story. I'd wish they'd mention Nolan or Gene.
  16. @Discussion About Gamester81: I Never liked his videos. I Was only ever interested in one, and that was The GBA-to-SNES adapter thing. *shrugs*
  17. I'm sure our talented minds can actually make a Chameleon. Make it modern but still classic, you know?
  18. Oh, come on.. That's obviously a ColecoVision Flashback.
  19. I'm located in CT..And one day we came across this place known as "Wild Bill's Nostalgia Emporium". It's located in Middletown/Cromwell(?) CT and it's a big complex full of lots of stuff from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. If I Remember they had multiple arcade games for sale and operational..Asteroids, and Space Invaders Deluxe I Remember specifically. I Also hear they have the world's largest bobblehead and the largest collection of "Wacky Wobbler" bobblehead collection up for sale. http://www.wildbillsonline.com/ https://www.facebook.com/wildbillsnostalgia/ Definitely a great plac
  20. Hi! I'm posting some photos of my CEC Collection. Set up into categories: -Employee- 2 Modern CEC Cast Member nametags 1 older CEC Cast Nametag (Not Pictured) CEC Lanyard (Partly Pictured) https://www.instagram.com/p/-EY6-qxHK5/ Custom Made CEC Cast Member Shirt https://www.instagram.com/p/BBv9MyRxHP_/ Circa 1994 Cast Member Visor (Not My Picture) https://img1.etsystatic.com/019/0/5546086/il_570xN.473701413_dnzq.jpg Classic CEC Pin https://www.instagram.com/p/BALgRauxHNJ/ -Signage- Circa 1995 "Checkers" (No Photo - Too Large ) 2011 "Magic Ticket" poster (In B
  21. I've seen this video and I Think it's really interesting. The Brock story is totally true. In the merger, ShowBiz bought PTT, Inc. PTT Would have died if they didn't. Nolan's company never really survived. The Chuck E. Cheese name you see today is ShowBiz Pizza. The crash of '83 didn't really help either. He also fails to mention that Showbiz didn't actually own the Rock-afire so there was no way to keep them without buying the rights, to which the owner still keeps to this day, but they now owned the Chuck E. characters so they were kinda forced to use them. In many people's eyes Showbiz
  22. Thanks for posting this here so I Can talk about mine... I Have all the designs up until "Juvenile 1", With numerous years. I Also have one or two of the "oddball" designs. Oddly enough for Franchise stores the "Adult Mouse 2" variety was used until 2006, and I Have some of those. They are the most modern tokens I Have. CECE (Chuck E. Cheese's Entertainment-Company that owns CEC) is now replacing tokens in all ~550 stores with "Play Pass" swipe cards which replace tokens but not the paper tickets. If you are lucky your local store might already have them.
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