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New toy store in PDX


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Found a new toy store here in Portland.  Very near to where I live too.




They have a nice retro game collection, but prices were just a tad high (example:  2600 Kaboom loose for $7.  Not terrible, but not great either). 


But the toys!  Check out what they had:






The HUGE GI Joe aircraft carrier!  It was so freakin' big! 


I ended up buying THIS (PS - I'm a sucker for Star Trek stuff) and a HALO figure for son #2. 





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There will always be a sparkle in my eye at the sight of a new toy store.


I don't wander in these anymore, but have warm, fond memories of this one in our mall that greeted me from my stroller years up to the time I could barely contain myself from running past the mall doors, dragging my mom to its wonderful cavernous entrance for some Letrasets, CTW books with Ernie and the gang, or other affordable goods to take home that same day.




I nearly peed the kingdom halls when I found this old newspaper pic of the very one from my youth.

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