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GDC - Ms. Pac-Man dev talk (ARs Technica article)

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This fascinating article from Ars Technica talks about the inception of Ms Pac-Man from the technical side of things.




Great pics of Crazy Otto concepts and fly-on-the-wall talk of chips, boards and the legal hammer bearing down on the imitative approach to creating the next arade hit.


Also goes into Diablo which, as a 'young' 20-year-old game, fits the neo-retro category.

And also makes me feel hella old.


Hope you enjoy


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It should be noted that these "MIT dropouts" created the Atari 7800 and many great tiles for the 2600, 5200, and 7800. Atari should have bought GCC and brought them in-house. They put Atari's home cartridge team to shame.

Great point, Professor! Let's not forget Food Fight!

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