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Solaris - An Unofficial Soundtrack


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Good evening everybody,


this is my first post here so I apologize in advance if I put it in the wrong category.


My name is Marco Cella, I'm an Italian composer & sound designer graduated at Berklee College of Music. My biggest passion (beside the obvious music) is retrogaming, since my "gaming career" started 18 years ago when I got my lovely Atari2600 imported from U.S.


One of my favorite games of all time has to be Solaris, programmed by Doug Neubauer, released in 1986 and (rightfully) considered one of the cornerstones of the industry.


I found the cartridge a few months ago and re-playing it I was inspired in making this little soundtrack; it's a five piece album that will be released for free in a couple of days. Main sonorities relate to ambient & electroacoustic music that convey my impressions toward the game.


You can find it at these links:




BANDCAMP: https://marcocella.bandcamp.com/releases


Let me know what you think.   :)     :)

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