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Mike Hally's Gravitar binder


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This is outstanding -- a complete scan archive of Mike Hally's binder of documents from the development of the Gravitar coin-op, "which included drawings, and documents including: Memos, Notes, Focus Groups, Costs, Spaceship diagrams, Schedule, Flowchart, Copyright, Name Selection, Prom/Rom/Earom, Panel, and Inter-office memos."




The whole thing is super informative and really provides an in-depth look at how much effort and planning a single arcade game required.  One humorous highlight is the Name Selection: 11/30/81 section, where Hally polled the Atari Coin-Op Games "General Grunt Population" regarding which potential game names they liked best, also asking them for additional name suggestions.  You can guess how that went...


Don't miss the inter-office memo "Why am I working so hard to make a quality product?" from Rich Adam (programmer) at the very front of the binder.  The level of frustration with Atari's Coin-Op division is palpable.

Page 1 // Page 2

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