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Totally rad nostalgic journey through the mall of the '80s w/ X-Men: Apocalypse mutant mall montage!

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This is totally rad. Ever since Chris Claremont’s New Mutants, there’s been one place that young mutants could go to chill out, hang out, and maybe get accidentally recruited into the X-Men: the mall.


But the central role of malls to the X-Men wasn’t fully represented in Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse until this weekend, when a deleted scene from the movie hit Tumblr.


Guys, if you grew up in the mall scene of the '80s this is the coolest thing. It's only 3 mins long, but so much to spot! Yes, there are Atari 2600 games (briefly), Slurpees, Tape World, and a radical journey into Space Port. This is a must see.












You can watch the 3min video in full here:




Or check out this hackneyed rip on YouTube:



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