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Atari I/O Member Stores (Please Read Before Posting!)


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Atari I/O Member Stores are an easy way to set up shop in our community. We encourage our members to buy and trade with each other, expand their collections and discover new interests. Just like a farmers market, it's a great way to barter, find what you need and get to know your community too.

Open your own store! Post pictures of your items, edit your layout, set prices, add graphics and play with fonts. You can create links to your PayPal, eBay, Etsy, Atari I/O Member Feedback and more. Post links to your store on your blog, social media, and on other websites. You have a space on Atari I/O that's entirely your own, for you to build and customize as you want.


  • Create a new topic in the Member Stores forum
  • Include your user name somewhere in the topic title as the name for your store. For example: "Greenween's Game Store", "Mrs. Rowsdower's Nerdery" or "MaximumRD's Shop of VHS Horrors"
  • If you'd like to start with a pre-defined template, send me a PM with your store info and graphics, and we'll set the page up for you


  • No Membership Fees
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Bartering with other members is strongly encouraged
  • Trade with friendly neighbors you know


Member Stores are for anyone and everyone who would like to set up shop and engage in friendly, fair commerce within our community. Member stores are for:

  • The classic gamer who loves to buy, sell and trade, and wants to set up a small shop of their own
  • The member with an Etsy store who creates nifty hand-made retro treasures
  • The vintage collector with lots of magazines and VHS tapes
  • The locally owned record store with a love of retro goodness and a desire to be active at Atari I/O
  • The guy with a booth at the flea market
  • The member with an eBay store who always has items up for grabs
  • The long established Atari vendor who wants to reach out and become an active part of our community with an “information desk” inside of Atari I/O

Member Stores are for everybody who is an active member here and wants to participate!


We put a great deal of thought into how we’d like to do this and decided that simple is best. Member Stores start out as a blank topic that is yours to customize. Functionally it differs from a normal thread in that responses are turned off, so the thread remains your storefront, exclusively, and doesn't become cluttered with conversation. You can set up your store and edit it the same way you would a normal post. Like a normal post, up to 12 images, 14 emojis, and 2 videos can be used. We've even added new Member Store emojis, like the PayPal logo, to make it easy for you to build and edit your store! You have the freedom to develop your page any way you want. When you sell out of an item, or have a new item to list, you can come back to edit it again and again. The Member Stores forum sorts topics alphabetically based on the name of the poster to make it easier to search for a friend's store. Member Stores are not online shopping cart systems or methods for processing payment, they are a private space for you to set up a store front within our site.

If you need help getting started let me know! I am always happy to help set up your new store.


In order to have a store you must:

  • Have achieved Orange Member status in the forums (around 100 posts)
  • Accept PayPal
  • Have multiple items available for sale*
  • Your store must be more than a Trade List
  • You must affix prices to all items listed in your store, or the items you link to elsewhere
  • Keep your store looking clean, accurate and up to date
  • Maintain a good reputation
  • One store per person
  • Abide by our House Rules
  • No price gouging please
  • Bartering with other members is encouraged

Items in your store do not have to be video game related. Board games, classic toys, comics, books, magazines, cards, collectibles, vintage items, apparel, computers, electronics, pinball components, artwork, hand made crafts, closeout items, pretty much anything relevant to our community is welcome in the store!

Services ARE able to be listed in your store! For example, if you offer an A/V Modding service and you want to set up a store as a "home base" to sell your services.


NOTE: If you have not yet achieved the number of posts needed for Orange Member status but are a Verified Vendor or Verified Etsy Member, we will waive the restriction and set up a store for you.





Barter is a system of exchange where goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services rather than for money. Essentially, a barter is a trade. Example: "He bartered his record collection for her comics." Bartering has many advantages in this setting. Instead of buying and selling with each other using PayPal, you can barter goods and services with other Atari I/O Members to avoid paying transaction fees. It would also be possible to trade goods for services, and vice versa. For example, in lieu of monetary payment for games or other goods, another member could barter services with you, such as AV modding your game console or performing a repair service. Bartering is not a requirement of Atari I/O Member Stores but it is strongly encouraged as a way to strengthen our community while circumventing transaction fees. Let others know you're open to bartering by using the Barter emoji in your store.


Getting started with setting up your store can be tricky. It's not always easy to design your page or get the layout just right. To help you, we've created three Example Stores for you to use as a design template. You can start with the template design and make it your own in any way that you'd like. If you have questions, or if you need help and would like us to complete the initial setup of your store for you, send me a PM with all of your information and I will be happy to complete setting up the template for you. Please be sure to include all of your info in the PM, including which Example Store you'd like to use as your page layout (Example A, B or C).

Once we've completed setting up the page layout template for you, you can customize the page with whatever images and text you'd like. You can also include your price list and up to 12 images that you'd like to use on the page, and we can nearly complete your store for you. (Please be sure the images roughly fit the dimensions of the images in the page layout you've chosen. See template pages below for more.) We have also created some Tips for Building Your Member Store to help you along the way.

NOTE: Example Stores are not real stores. They were created to give you a template to follow, and show what can be done in the Member Stores with a bit of effort and creativity.

Example Stores:

Corresponding Page Layout Templates:

NOTE: Stores operate solely as independent third parties. We don't process payments, and of course, Atari I/O makes no warranty and bears no responsibility for the actions and products of third party stores. Your creation of a Member Store constitutes your complete understanding and acceptance to these terms.

* “Multiple Items” does not necessarily mean “Multiple Products” or “Multiple UPC Codes”. For example, if you make Jaguar Rotary Controllers and you want to set up a store only to sell your Jaguar Rotary Controllers, go for it! We ask that you have more than one controller available upon request. Custom “made to order” products are acceptable so long as you continue to keep that product or service available at quantity. “Multiple Items” means that if all you have for sale is the one loose Space Invaders cartridge you have lying around, it’s not enough to warrant the creation of a store and should be listed in the For Sale forum.

Best of wishes on starting your new store!



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