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  1. I fell asleep on the couch, but I sent out a call. I'll be here until 940 am EST or so. Sorry if I missed you!
  2. I will try to make it Monday morning after work. I can't do Saturday or Sunday, unfortunately. I can't wait to try the new version of this!
  3. I totally forgot this was happening, thanks for the reminder. I haven't tried it yet where there was a lobby 😁
  4. I believe John said he would be releasing a demo.
  5. It's okay, I was just skipping those picks but I won't be able to keep up with you young whippersnappers this weekend 🤣 Please keep me off the list, I have too many games as it is. Have fun with the picks, thanks to Matt for doing this!
  6. Sorry guys, the notifications were going to the wrong email. I got what I needed, so I will pass, I guess I get 2 picks this time.
  7. Thank you Matt! I will pick Luigi's Mansion and Mario Golf for Gamecube.
  8. I'm in too. I should have some dupes around here, or I can send you a donation.
  9. Great! I have been so backed up on podcasts because of vacation that I just got to Alien Crush. I thought this was a really fast turnaround but it's been a month. Anyway, I'm looking forward to listening, I love baseball games!
  10. I so love the shimmery blood smear on this version.
  11. The SMS II had Alex Kidd in Miracle World built in. There's not much in there, I used a dremel to cut away a lot of it to fit in my Genesis 2.
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