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  1. I fell asleep on the couch, but I sent out a call. I'll be here until 940 am EST or so. Sorry if I missed you!
  2. I will try to make it Monday morning after work. I can't do Saturday or Sunday, unfortunately. I can't wait to try the new version of this!
  3. I totally forgot this was happening, thanks for the reminder. I haven't tried it yet where there was a lobby 😁
  4. I believe John said he would be releasing a demo.
  5. It's okay, I was just skipping those picks but I won't be able to keep up with you young whippersnappers this weekend 🤣 Please keep me off the list, I have too many games as it is. Have fun with the picks, thanks to Matt for doing this!
  6. Sorry guys, the notifications were going to the wrong email. I got what I needed, so I will pass, I guess I get 2 picks this time.
  7. Thank you Matt! I will pick Luigi's Mansion and Mario Golf for Gamecube.
  8. WOOOOOOOO!!!!! So what do I do now?
  9. I'm in too. I should have some dupes around here, or I can send you a donation.
  10. The SMS II had Alex Kidd in Miracle World built in. There's not much in there, I used a dremel to cut away a lot of it to fit in my Genesis 2.
  11. Hi guys, I host the Atari 2600 GBG podcast (why did I pick such a long title). Normally I try to solicit feedback for homebrew games in the forums, but I totally forgot in this instance (it's been a busy summer so far). Have you played Space Raid by Oscar Toledo Gutierrez? It's basically a port of Zaxxon that actually plays in mock 3D 3/4 view or whatever it is. You can find it here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/217250-space-raid-2600 Also here: http://www.nanochess.org/space_raid.html I'll be recording the episode about 7 hours after this is posted. Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  12. Great choices Phil! I guess Phoenix by Leonard Herman did not technically come out in 2016, but the 4th edition did. I found out about his book back when I thought I was the only weirdo who was collecting old video games. He pointed me to Digital Press and the 2600 Connection (both were just fanzines at the time) and invited me to my first NAVA meetup, where I met lots of other weirdos! Len is good people. http://www.rolentapress.com/
  13. I wish I was independently wealthy. At least I know that I will be busy podcasting after I retire.
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