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Hello from Dublin.


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Hello everybody, I was recommended by that Facebook powerhouse "Rob MaximumRD" to sign up here a.s.a.p. and am delighted to be here with like minded Atarians and want to thank rob for his recommendation.


I'm a Graphic Designer from Dublin, Ireland and have produced a couple of digital Magazines based on multiple consoles and computer platforms including my favourite 8-bit computer of all time, the "Atari 800xl/130xe" systems and the 16-bit monster the Atari ST in which I have a two issue digital magazine in production issue one being released this September, and will make an announcement shortly regarding it. I've also done allot of graphic work for the retro gaming community and based over at Retro Video Gamer forums, so again delighted to be here.


So I hope To see you all around and share some stories, news and other thing here Atari and more at Atari IO.


All the best


Darren ;)

Unofficial Atari: a Visual History



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Hello there Darren! I'm pretty new as well, but I've loved Atari and classic gaming since I can remember. It's nice to see someone with unique talents such as yours here.


Feel free to post som of your work, I'd be very interested to see it! Again, welcome friend!

I post pictures and videos regularly of retro games, hardware, and mods/fixes on Instagram. Feel free to follow me @PVGLuke

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