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Blade Runner PKD Blaster Build!

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Hey guys! In my absence online I have been focusing on creative stuff to keep my mind occupied and wanted to share my latest build with you. Wasn't quite sure where on the forum to place so here it sits, admins please move it if you feel a different topic head is a better fit for this post!!!!




I started with a cheap toy from eBay I picked up for around $10.




I then cut it all apart and decided what to keep and what to rebuild. Using some PVC conduit, found items around the house and a few parts from the toy I started to reconstruct the weapon. 




And this is where I am at so far with it. Still have a ton of clean up and fab work to do but I will post progress images as I work on it!!! You can follow the build on my YouTube page if you like, warning I use bad language!!!!! 


Hope you dig!!!!

Don't just watch TV, PLAY IT!

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