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My response to Retro Game Catalogs I The Atari Creep


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Hey gang! Was inspired by The Ataricreeps latest video on Retro Game Catalogs so I did a response! 



Video response to The Ataricreep Retro Game Catalogs I The Atari Creep
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You know, one of the reasons why I try to get Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, and Lynx games new in their boxes are because of those old catalogs.  They are a great read and trip down memory lane!  They also make for great checklists (do I have that game?).  I have two red VCS catalogs, each one different.  The oldest one has Pac-Man as coming soon and the second one has Pac-Man as already released.  They are cool to look at.  I also have the original 5200 catalog that came with most games and the console where Asteroids is listed as a 5200 release.  It's a real shame that it never made it.  I don't have a 7800 or Lynx catalog yet...but keeping my eyes open for them.

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