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Renegade On ST!

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Hello fellow Atarians!

I thought I would share a recent pickup for the ST.  This was brand new before I got my grubby little hands on it.  Yea...sealed games don't last long here at all.  The reason why I'm sharing it is because of what I found once I opened it.


For starters I really like these old school computer packages.  There were so many different styles using different forms of art each of which were attempts at not only attracting your attention to buy it but also capture the spirit of the game within.  The package is the size of those 45 RPM storybooks give or take a Renegade took the comic approach.  Then I opened it and...


Hell YEA!  Inside is a comic book style story introducing the story of the game.  How's that for originality?  I've never seen anything like this before so this was a really nice surprise.  Paperwork and a catalog are tucked away in a sleeve on the left, disks for the game are tucked under a sleeve on the right.  

It's things like this that make me curse digital-only content.  Being able to actual hold and see this stuff is slowly going away and it really doesn't need to.  There's always a purpose for a physical product that puts as much effort in the package details as was put in the game itself.  This kind of game product is priceless no matter what system it is for.  After sharing this now I only have one question remaining:  should I fill out that warranty card and send it in?  

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