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Case-less Gaming Computer

Atari 5200 Guy

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Thanks to RickR for the computer motherboard donation.  And power supply, optical drive, and the SATA cables.  Without the donations this would not be possible.  I ended up with a great gaming computer without a case.  That and a graphics card upgrade are going to be my New Year's resolution. 

In the meantime I spent about two hours trying to figure out how to piece stuff together just enough to hold up until then.  What I came up with was poster board and hot glue...and a whole lot of imagination.  I guess all of those childhood years playing with LEGOs paid off.  Not pretty but it won't overheat.


Nothing is fastened down.  All I did was cut pieces of poster board to help hold things where I wanted them.  My biggest restraint was the power supplies cords as they did not leave room for much play or ideas.  But, it works for now and I can pick it up and move it if/when I need to.

I even got the plate on the rear mounted.  Held in place with tape to poster board so I can remove it easily when I get a case.  I like it.


Hard drives were a bit of a challenge as mounting screws were way too short to go through poster board and the mounting holes on the drives.  So...this is what I came up with.


Nothing fancy but it works.  We now return to our regularly scheduled gaming already in progress.

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