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Mega ST2's For Gaming!

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Hi all!

So a buddy and I picked up two Megs ST2's. They both came with a 16mhz accelerator + switch. No Keyboards.

We both have an Eiffel 3 coming.

So I did some testing with games that would auto boot, with the switch on for 16mhz, and off for 8mhz, respectivley.

HOLY TOLEDO! Buggy Boy runs like its a Genesis game and the Time Bandit demo runs WAAAY to fast. 🙂

So at this point I'm thinking any game that is either 3D or that has many sprites on the screen will benefit.

When the Eiffel3 comes in I will do some more comparisons and post them here. I think I'll start with painfully slow shooters.. maybe Star Wars and R*Type2..


Mega 1.JPG

Pauls Mega.JPG

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49 minutes ago, Paul Westphal said:

I just tried Encounter and No Second Prize in 16mhz mode. ENCOUNTER IS SWEET!! It plays fast and buttery smooth..

hi paul,


 i think i have one of those also, except it has 4 megs. so nice find. does it have a r.f. out also?





22735 Congo St. NE, Stacy, MN 55079

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