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Upp Plus Plus for the Atari 2600


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Recently had to respond to issues that caused paddle auto-detection to be tripped up when running Upp on Stella.

THEN I changed the volume settings due to feedback that the spacey beats were too loud.  THEN I noticed the laser salvos were super cheap and could easily get ya if you were on the bottom of the screen.   THEN I.. etc.. etc..

This led to so many changes it's now a much enhanced version.  Thus:  Upp PLUS PLUS!! muhahahaha!!

Can get it pay-what-you-want on Itch io.  Always love feedback good or bad.  Really hope peeps like the changes!






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Please check out my Atari 2600 party favors at https://theloon.itch.io/  

Downloadable games include Upp Plus Plus, Stranglehand, Nitebear on Sleepystreet and more!

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