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Images - ANYTHING related to the TI. (Post them here!)

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Well, I can only guess.  There seems to be a lot of spaghetti wires, and that weird chip that's half wired into the CPU.  My only guess is some kind of buffer or enhancement to the IO pins?  For what purpose?  A bigger frame buffer?  Direct access to video buffer?  Maybe it has to do with unleashing the full 16 bit capability of the CPU?  Am I even in the right ballpark?

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4 hours ago, RickR said:

Well, it doesn't blow up very big on my browser.  Beige key caps on a black keyboard.  Looks customized.  Is that an extra key to the left of "A"?  Caps-lock maybe? 

Yep, it's an extra key someone attached to the TI.  I cannot remember what it's for though.

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There is a saying I've always been fond of...

The more the merrier!

I feel that way about TI-99/4A related sites.  They all seem have different personalities and focuses.  As this one is just starts out, people joining can decide where it all goes and leads.  It's a unique opportunity that does not come around every day.  I've only salted the area with "starter threads", it's up to everyone else to decide where it all leads.  Maybe YOU can be the guru of your specialty and be a leader in the TI community!

Sadly there is another saying I'm not partial to and that is...

You can lead horse to water but you can't make him drink.

In life that can lead to another even less liked saying...

Use it or lose it.

I hope this is not all...


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