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Jetboard Joust


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Release Date: 5/18/2021

Retail: $9.99

Developer(s): BitBull Ltd.

Publisher: Freedom Games

Official Site: Jetboard Joust

Synopsis :

"Fast & fluid arcade-style SHMUP meets hardcore modern roguelike! Take flight on a lethal, pimped-up jetboard, darting through the skies and blasting alien invaders with an explosive arsenal of extreme weaponry. Face off against massive, multi-stage bosses. An arcade classic for the next generation!"

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One of the things that I’ve enjoyed most about the Atari VCS is that the relatively small library with its focus on curated indie games has led me to play titles I might have otherwise ignored.  These games are often lost in the noise on large platforms and ecosystems. JetBoard Joust is one of these titles.  I enjoyed the game so much that I named it my personal choice for 2021 GOTY!

Jetboard Joust takes the familiar Defender formula and successfully layers on modern gaming elements, combined with a distinctive art style and frenetic action to create a sublime arcade experience.

What do you think of Jetboard Joust?


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