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What games actually made use of low-res graphics modes


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This is something I thought about from time to time and wondering if there were any games out there that actually used the low-res modes. (OS Graphic Modes 3,4,5, Antic Modes 8,9,10)
I know some games use half resolution modes (Graphics 7, Antic 13.) I even used it for Surround'Em, to help the game have that retro feel.

I am looking for a list of games released professionally. I know some people may do some Basic programming with these also. Maybe some commonly listed programming samples.


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You can't leave out Atari BASIC programmers.  Unlike many other computers Atari BASIC had full access to all of the computer's functions.  Sometimes it was easy, sometimes you had to play tricks but it was doable.  PMG graphics routines, I remember, were somewhat of a handful. I never dug too deep into the modes. The most I did was move the text area around on graphics modes where I wanted it.

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