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Best and worst controls ever made!


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The pads for Amiga CD32 was aweful. Both pads looked and had the feeling of bad made toys. Besides that, they easily broke down.


The best controllers i ever used was probably Sega's 6 button pads for Sega Saturn.


The only pad to be a bit better was also from Sega. It was especially made for one game, Nights. I know that this control looks odd but to use this pad was pure heaven. A robust pad with an analogue stick and amazing precision.


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Yeah, as much as I love the INTV...the only controller that was worse was the Colecovision.   It couldn't decide what it wanted to be.



As for the worst, Atari Jaguar or 5200.  Pretty close tie.

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I bought two of these for my Atari 800 XL and didn't like them at all to be honest. They were to weak and i didn't like the placement of the firebuttons either. NOT the joystick for playing Decathlon or Summer Games. It's the 7800 joystick?


The best controllers i ever had for my Atari 800 XL and ST was Wico. Wico normally manufactured joysticks for arcade machines. Wico was expensive but came with 5 years warranty.


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@RetroX, I am going to agree with you that the Sega 3D Control Pad that was developed for nights was an amazing controller. I was happy that Sega refined the design when developing the Dreamcast controller. Both are fantastic.


I also want to shout out to the Jaguar Pro-Controller. It addressed almost all of the shortcomings of the original Jaguar controller and feels great in the hands. Its a shame that they are so rare and pricey these days. Its hard to justify them cost at this point. Still, a great controller.


My least favorite controllers have been the stock 5200 controllers for reasons that are well established. I also don't care for the 7800 pro-line controllers.

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It's probably because Sega was an arcade developer. All Segas controls was amazingly well designed. Even the 6 button pads for Sega Genesis was awesome. I bought a couple of these pads mostly because of games as Super Streetfighter II where you really needed 6 buttons.


I never liked the 7800 controllers. Weak construction, strange placement of the firebuttons and felt awkward to hold because of the odd shape.

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