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Great Homebrew Outside of AtariAge

7800 Pro Gamer

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I know many of us are anticipating the new homebrew titles from AtariAge that will be (supposedly) shipping the end of this month.  I think for a lot of people AtariAge is the beginning and end of 7800 homebrew. Well I'm here to tell you, there are some fantastic titles that can be found for those willing to seek them out. 

So I'm going to list a few of my favorites from 3 alternative resources.  If I miss any then please share them with us!  Also, while they aren't technically apart of AtariAge proper, I won't be listing items sold by users on AtariAge either. Although there are some great games to be found this way, you still have to visit AtariAge and search the forums for those, which is a likely next step from the AA store. 

And also, for the purposes of this list, I will be listing hacks and unreleased stuff as well. Ok onto the list. 

Let's start with Video61 Atari Sales offerings:

Putt 18 Miniature Golf - This game won't be for everybody, but you do get a lot of bang for your buck. 5 courses full of unique holes and obstacles await you.  The graphics are on the basic side but if you can get beyond that I'm sure you'll be pleased. 

Venture 7800 - Once again this arcade conversion is complete and adds 2 more levels with more unique rooms to conquer.  I feel that video 61 packs good quantity into their games and I haven't felt cheated yet by a short or shallow depth game from them. This is probably my favorite of theirs. 

Animal Keeper - Okay this game is nuts. If you enjoyed zoo keeper then you'll know what to expect. The game is chaotic and crazy and super addictive. The poopy brown labels on the physical cart was an odd choice though...

Ok onto another favorite of mine, Good Deal Games and their Homebrew Heaven!

Plutos / Sirius - These were two unreleased titles that were found and finished by the community and they are great space shooters to boot!  Right now GDG is the only place to find them. Get them while you can!

Scramble - This is technically a Hack of another homebrew but it's a fun challenge.  Challenge is the keyword as you'll need the skills to see anything past the first level. 

And finally, 2600connection has some offerings. Well 2, but I'm not gonna talk about the game Pineapple...

GoSub - But I will talk about this fantastic title!  GoSub is a maze game where the walls mean death and the enemy(s) is relentless.  It's capped off with a great final boss and its a great time all around!

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Well march is coming to an end and AtariAge still has to ship their new releases.  But why wait forever to get something new on your 7800?  I'm going to list a couple more games you can find today and probably receive before AtariAge ships their new releases. Here we go!


Klax - The homebrew heaven over at good deal games has you covered with some puzzle goodness.  It might not be the 90s anymore but there's still time for Klax!

Alpha Race - SiO2 has done a great job with this port of a unique shooter.  Race around the rectangle avoiding obstacles and blowing up enemies.  It's a lot more challenging than you would expect but very rewarding to get good at. 

Roof Pooper - No this isn't a joke. Well it is but it's an actual game on an actual cartridge.  You can reach frankodragon at frankodragon1@yahoo.com to request this title and it's as fun as it is silly.  Not really a looker but people always want to play it when they see it on the shelf.  Just beware, hit a cop and you'll "now poop in jail". 

Keep an eye on ebay too. Time to time a homebrew game will find its way on there that most have never heard of.   Prices can get wacky but it's cool to see what other people have made in the years since the 7800 left the market.  If AtariAge doesn't ship by the end of next month I'll be back with three more alternatives!

 :pole_position_blimp: Watch 7800 Pro Gamer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@TheAtariNetwork

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