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Mr. Run and Jump


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Release Date: July 25, 2023

Retail: $22.99

Developer(s): Heavy Horse Games, Graphite Labs

Publisher: Atari

Official Site

Synopsis :

One of the most exciting 2D platformers we’ve played in years! Help Mr. Run and Jump, joined by his trusty pal Leap the Dog, defeat the terrifying Void and collect all the Power Gems from the Realms of Color!

Venture through a dazzling and dangerous world, dodging countless enemies and conquering hundreds of fierce platforming challenges to save the day!

Mr Run and Jump draws you in with precise level design, free-flowing gameplay, and formidable challenge. Silky controls encourage players to run, jump, dash, double jump, and roll to clear levels with style, making it a speedrunner’s dream.

Collectibles hidden in tough-to-reach spots demand players use their wits as well as their dexterity.

Dynamic Assistance options allow players to set the level of difficulty they want. No matter how you play, Mr Run and Jump offers engaging gameplay options to players of varying skill levels and approaches.

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