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Days of Doom


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Release Date: September 21, 2023

Retail: $29.99

Developer(s): Sneakybox

Publisher: Atari

Official Site

Synopsis :  The apocalypse wasn’t the end of the world. Just the one we knew.  Enter the Days of Doom, a post-apocalyptic tactical RPG roguelite that challenges players to reach Sanctuary, a place of promise and respite in a world of colorful chaos. Starting with a small cast of survivors, you’ll chart a path to reach your ultimate destination, encountering threats, including zombies, raiders, and even zombie raiders! Along the way you will need to recruit a ragtag band of heroes to protect your growing community and fight your way forward.  

Discovering how to best utilize each hero's unique abilities is the key to success in Days of Doom’s turn-based combat. Attack with Pyro early in the battle, as he ignites enemies for lasting damage. Then combine the Hydromancer and the Thrasher in a one-two knockout punch. Hydormancer can set the stage with a ranged water attack, and then the Thrasher can deliver a shocking surprise to wet enemies. The odds against you may seem insurmountable, but if you use your heroes' abilities strategically, upgrade them, and add new abilities along the way, you might just make it. 

No two runs are ever the same, which keeps you at the top of your game, and makes Days of Doom inherently replayable.


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Days of Doom was originally released in 2020 for mobile platforms. The RTS game has been completely revamped and built from the ground for consoles. Coming to all modern platforms, including the VCS, soon!

Are you excited about Days of Doom? Check out the trailer and sound off!


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This is a bit of a departure from Atari's recent output. It's a turn-based tactical RPG, so not as pick-up and play or arcade-like as the Recharged games or even Mr. Run and Jump. But if you like this type of game (and I do) there is a lot of fun to be had and it's quite well done.

I will add that $29 is a but much for a digital release, considering it's also physical for the same price.

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