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Harmony Cart Not Found

George Salerno

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I recieved my Atari 7800 Cocerto Cart last February.  I set it up with only a few clitches but eventually it was working fine.  I hadn't used it since then after only a few weeks after the initial set up. Yesterday I pulled it out and inserted it in my 7800 console and the attacked file displays what I witnessed. I do see the 7800 logo first before the verticle bars. I cleaned the contacts with rubbing alcohol with no success. I decided to start fresh with a new firmware installation and the bios bin. My computer will not recognize the cart so I can't add the firmware. I installed the proper driver to my computer; green PCB (newer) Concertos use CH341 drivers. but my computer does not recognixze the flash cart.

Please Help,



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If your computer doesn't recognize the concerto cart via USB, it sure sounds like a broken Concerto cart.  You should contact Batari over at the AtariAge forums or through his web site to get support. 

Good luck.

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